Tante Marie, The Restaurant

Corporate Signage and Print Processes

Internal Signage

illuminated reception signageWe were presented with another interesting challenge for some corporate reception signage. The signs were to be created in a neutral brushed stainless steel but the individual logos needed to illuminate in their true colours.

We experimented with light translucent films applied to the clear back trays of the logos which successfully achieved the desired results.

A solution for the blue logo was quite straightforward but the purple effect was particularly difficult. After a few attempts to create the required colour, this was produced by using a violet film. When illuminated by the intense brilliant white LEDs, this resulted in a purple wash.

Signcraft's many years of experience and adaptability will often provide a perfect solution to an excellent brief from our clients.

External Signage for Heathrow HQ

signage installationSigncraft was instructed to create and install corporate signage, flags and poles for MSC Cruise Management’s new UK headquarters at Heathrow.

MSC is a high quality international cruise ship company that expects high quality service and products from its suppliers. Signcraft's team worked with Antonio Di Neeno, MSC’s marine architect, to deliver a solution to satisfy their requirements.

We produced a large corporate logo which had to be fitted to the building. Our installers used high tech adhesives and bespoke fixings into the building’s metal framework to ensure that the signage to the glass wall would remain permanent - and safe.

There is a great affinity with flags and shipping companies - and MSC is no exception. A trio of nine metre flag poles, each with a flag, was set in front of the building. These look particularly good on a breezy day. The flags set off the impressive large format logo on the modern glass building and emphasise the corporate branding.

Signage for The Restaurant at Tante Marie

external signageSigncraft was contracted to create the external building signage for The Restaurant at Tante Marie. Our client, Workplace UK Ltd., an established interior design company, renovated the building in Woking, Surrey.

Working from an extended brief, we produced much of the creative work off-site at our base in West London. Relying on the creative skills of our experienced team, we successfully produced an effective signage package.

This was a difficult building to sign so, prior to installation, we carried out a careful site survey with precise measurements. We needed to ensure that the presentation and the power feeds were perfectly placed.

The main Tante Marie signs are constructed from built-up, de-scaled, stainless steel, with powder coating applied to achieve the desired colour. The coating also increases long-term weather resistance and durability. The face of each of the letters is a coloured acrylic, bonded directly to the letter shapes, with internal LED modules to illuminate the lettering without shadows. We also provided window graphics at street level.

The overall effect is suitably stylish and very effective, both day and night because it’s all about the detail.

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