A round-up of case studies

South London: A Façade of Digitally Printed Aluminium Hoardings

Art Deco project: The Coronet Cinema in Eltham needed a substantial make-over. Its façade was to be restored as part of a local area regeneration programme. To generate and maintain local interest in the project, it was decided that the safety hoardings around the restoration project should reflect the glory days of the building.

Designs were provided by Oracle Creative. It was our task to print the designs onto composite aluminium panels then install the panels around the site. The results were truly eye-catching.

North London: Large Graphics for Vacant A3 Unit, Lumina Park

Signcraft has extensive experience in shopping centre regeneration. We can advise on the effective use of innovative graphics and signage solutions and will design, print and apply large graphics. Ideal for vacant units in high street shops and commercial/retail parks, suiting marketing and aesthetic purposes.

A new commercial area on the A10 Great Cambridge Road in Enfield, Lumina Park, replaced a disused, ugly brownfield site. A number of units sold or were let fairly quickly. A few that were left that needed to attract potential new businesses.

We designed, printed and applied window graphics which were clean, clear and bold, easily visible to drivers. As an example, for a unit which was suitable for bar/restaurant usage, the graphics displayed images of food and drink to convey this message.

Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre, Bournemouth

Bournemouth's Dalkeith Arcade was an out-dated and unattractive shopping centre. Signcraft was appointed to re-generate the centre and revitalise the building and surrounding area. The brief was to create a brand identity that would attract more visitors by providing an enjoyable shopping environment.

  • Phase I: inside the shopping centre.
    We transformed the ground and first floor malls with high energy signage and attractive banners with the new cohesive branding. Designed by our in-house designer, Emma Hunt.
  • Phase II: finding the shopping centre.
    An effective way-finding system was installed with a view to encouraging visitors to visit the shops. The signs showed to way from the multi-storey car park, situated alongside the shopping centre, to the re-named Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre.
  • Phase III: extending the reach.
    We created external signage with the new name and image to replace the old signs to raise awareness, curiosity and street appeal. Its purpose was to attract potential retail customers, both local and seasonal visitors.

Visitors to Bournemouth are able to easily locate the shopping centre, by car or on foot. This increases trade for the shops (Wilkinsons, Lidl and others). This, in turn, provides a better choice for shoppers, including local residents.

Landmarking: 1000 Lakeside, Portsmouth

Our client at Lakeside Harbour required high impact signage - monoliths, building signage and directional signs - to landmark the prestige site. Signs were to be sited in the most advantageous locations and had to avoid underground cables and fibre optics which serviced the IBM centre.

At Signcraft HQ, our experienced teams calculated load bearings and wind resistance. We constructed Monoliths from Spandex components using 3mm brushed stainless steel. In Portsmouth, our team excavated trenches and secured steel cages in place for the signs to be hoisted into position and securely installed.

At the 1000 Lakeside building, the reception back-drop was created using black marble and satin-brushed stainless steel. Applying digital wallpaper to the hoardings for the atrium and café provided a temporary back drop for marketing purposes. The overall result was stunning and Signcraft had another satisfied client.

College Square Shopping Centre

Signcraft was contracted to design, build and retro-fit project a shopping centre in the coastal town of Margate, Kent. The brief was to design and deliver a fresh and cost-effective re-brand, which was achieved by our designer, Emma Hunt.

The basics involved obliterating graffiti and re-painting prematurely-rusted structures. This was followed by installation of new signage, which brightened up the shopping centre. A more welcoming and modern look provided a pleasant setting with a relaxed feel for visitors.

Corporate Makeover - in a weekend

Estate Agency Charles Cameron required a complete corporate change at their main offices. First, we created a new range of signage, which they approved. Installation was then targeted over a long weekend to ensure minimal business disruption.

The project included their office fascia, internal décor, displays and signage. In addition, we had to totally replace all the lettings and sales marketing boards. Their reaction? "The effect was stunning – the use of colour codes for each department worked well and has significantly enhanced the image of a very vibrant agency."

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