A Sign for All Reasons!

What we have in this photo is actually one of our team’s creations – a sign which came about because we needed reference images for our 3D and illuminated lettering options.

Bespoke lettering – whether it is 3D, illuminated or both – have numerous options and combinations of features that can be used to create the letters … so we made this sign in Signcraft HQ to display a small selection of our lettering options.

Starting with the S – the S is perfect if you’re looking for a reliable and easy to produce letter with a tray sign; we call this an opal acrylic push through, and we make this by cutting the letter into the face of the tray and filling that gap with 10mm opal acrylic and then fixing LED lights behind it.

Next, the letter I is a standard built-up steel letter, painted to a standard RAL colour which is fixed directly to the face of the tray. This option also works for walls if you’re not having a tray sign.

Every letter after these is a combination or extension of these 2 letter types. We refer to the G as a luxury illuminated letter – it is built up from a steel body (like the I) and has an acrylic face with internal LEDs (like the S).

The N is what we call a rimless and return letter, built up in a similar way to the G but the acrylic face is bit thinner and the overall finish is slightly less premium in order to meet a lower budget yet giving a very similar impact.

Along the bottom line, the Letter C is a rim and return letter, similar to the N but the steel body extends to the face of the letter, giving it that classic illuminated letter look.

The R is the same as the S but we used a thinner acrylic so that it sits flush with the tray.

The A and the F are our halo illuminated options – the A has an oversized acrylic back tray which diffuses the light nicely whilst the F is on stand-off fixings, giving a nice natural halo.

Finally we have the T – our most cost effective option of a flat cut ACM letter which is simply glued to any wall surface.

Please feel free to contact us at Signcraft to discuss the best options to suit your business and budget.

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